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Back, Underarm, and Chest Waxing in Victoria, BC

Silky Smooth Upper Body: Expert Waxing Services by Victoria's Esteemed Esthetician

Welcome to Esthetics Evolved, the premier destination for upper body waxing services in Victoria, BC. Our skilled esthetician and beautician in Victoria specialize in a variety of upper body waxing treatments, including underarm waxing, chest waxing, and back waxing. Experience the exceptional expertise and precision of our professionals as they provide thorough and smooth results with our upper body waxing services.

Upper Body Waxing Victoria BC At Esthetics Evolved, we understand the importance of smooth and hair-free skin in the upper body area. Our upper body waxing services in Victoria, BC, offer a convenient and effective solution for removing unwanted hair and achieving a clean and polished look. Whether you're looking to remove underarm hair, tidy up the chest area, or achieve a smooth back, our skilled esthetician are here to cater to your specific needs.

Underarm Waxing 15 min $20
Arm Waxing 30 min


Chest or Back Waxing 30 min $60

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Underarm waxing is a popular choice for both women and men to remove unwanted hair in the underarm area. Our esthetician in Victoria use gentle yet efficient techniques to ensure a comfortable and thorough waxing experience. Say goodbye to daily shaving and enjoy long-lasting smoothness and confidence.

Chest waxing is ideal for those seeking to remove unwanted hair from the chest area. Our skilled esthetician in Victoria will ensure precise and thorough hair removal, leaving your chest smooth and hair-free. Embrace the confidence of a well-groomed chest and enjoy the convenience of our chest waxing services.

Back waxing is a common choice for those looking to achieve a smooth and hair-free back. Our esthetician in Victoria are trained in efficient and thorough back waxing techniques, providing you with a clean and polished appearance. Say goodbye to unwanted back hair and enjoy the confidence of a smooth and well-groomed back.

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Here is what our satisfied customers have to say!

  • Testimonial-waxing

    Elizabeth is extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Her products are superior. I have found her to be extremely patient with any questions on skin care. I always feel very relaxed after a treatment. Her attention to detail, immaculate space, and the little details make going to see her like visiting a dear friend. I always feel like I am the center of attention when in for a treatment, from facial to waxing it is always very relaxing and I leave feeling pampered.

  • Testimonial-waxing

    It was so relaxing. I floated home. I will definitely be going back. Best ever treatment , and no redness from the waxing. Thank you.

  • Testimonial-waxing

    Last October when I wanted to feel more feminine I discovered Elizabeth. She waxes, facials, nails and pierces ears. I felt like a new woman. Elizabeth is easy to visit with and does quality work.

    Wendy Ackinclose

FAQs about Upper Body Waxing Services:

  • Is upper body waxing painful?
  • How long do upper body waxing results last?
  • Can I get upper body waxing services if I have sensitive skin?
  • Are there any aftercare tips for upper body waxing?

The level of discomfort experienced during upper body waxing can vary from person to person. Our esthetician in Victoria use gentle techniques and high-quality waxes to minimize any discomfort. You may experience a slight sensation during the waxing process, but it is generally well-tolerated. Afterward, you will enjoy the smooth and hair-free results.

Upper body waxing results can typically last between three to six weeks, depending on individual hair growth cycles. Regular waxing sessions can help maintain long-lasting smoothness and slow down hair regrowth. Our esthetician in Victoria can provide personalized recommendations for your specific needs.
Yes, our upper body waxing services can be customized to accommodate sensitive skin. Our esthetician in Victoria use gentle wax formulas specifically designed for delicate areas. They will assess your skin and ensure a safe and comfortable waxing experience, taking any sensitivities into account.

Aftercare is important to ensure optimal results and minimize potential irritation. It's recommended to avoid sun exposure, excessive sweating, hot baths or showers, and exfoliation for at least 24-48 hours after waxing. Our esthetician in Victoria will provide specific aftercare instructions for your comfort and safety.

Visit Esthetics Evolved today and experience our exceptional upper body waxing services from our skilled esthetician and beautician in Victoria. Achieve smooth and hair-free skin in the underarm, chest, and back areas, and say goodbye to the hassle of daily maintenance. We invite you to schedule an appointment with us and discover the comfort and satisfaction of our professional waxing services.

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